dinsdag 26 mei 2009

Miffy/Something Else Tag - Germany

Last week I discover 'tagging'. A nice way to exert an influence on what kind of cards you get! I bought some Miffy cards a few weeks ago and I saw a 'Miffy/something Else tag'. Because I know Miffy very well (her 'father' is the Dutch illustrator Dick Bruna), I decided to join with my Miffy cards! As soon as I tagged someone who lives Japan, JaniD from Germany tagged me back. Today I received a very nice and lovely card from 'Lillyfee'

Lillyfee is a childrensbook illustration. There are movies of this nice character as well. I did not know Lillyfee until I got this card. She is lovely, isn't she? The card has some sparkles as well, but you can not see this on the photograph. And... I love the cute ladybird! This card has made me smile today :D

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