maandag 30 maart 2009


After I posted my last blog, I received a mail that my card to Maine, USA is arrived! After 5 days of traveling 5,282 kms, it reached its destination.

I requested a new address and this time I have to send a card to Germany . Last weekend I send another card to Belgium . It was a little bit weird to write in my own language :)

30 maart 2009 - PT- 76914 - Ilhavo

Today I received again an official. I was a little bit surprised because my send - receive balance was equal. Now, I have one card more received than has been registered. It is a card from Portugal and shows us Salinas Alveiro. I did not know this place at all, and it nice to learn more of the world by sending and receiving postcards! I have never been to Portugal, only to an island Madeira.

It took 13 days before my card arrived and the distance was 1,655 Kms.

And some nice poststamps as well!

zaterdag 28 maart 2009

28 maart 2009 - FI-511790 - Kouvola

This is the second card from Finland which I received today. It comes from the city Kouvolu, which is situated in the region Kymenlaakso. The card shows a painting made by the father of the sender! Nice to receive such an original card! I like the paiting as well!

As I just said, there are different stamps in Finland, more then we have in the Netherlands.This stamps shows a Elephant-Hawk-moth.

And again the mail delivery was very fast because it only took 2 days before the card reaches my mailbox!

28 maart 2009 - FI-511650 - Espoo

Finland is a very popular postcrossing country so it wasn't unexpected that I received two cards from Finland today.

The first is sent by a user who lives in Espoo, a capital near Helsinki. The card shows the statue 'Komen sepän patsas" which means 'The Three Blacksmiths'. The statue is made by Nylund in 1932.

The mail delivery was very fast!! The card has travelled a distance of 1,504 Kms in 2 days!

The stamp is original as well with something that is very often assiociated with The Netherlands....Tulips!! I think they have more different poststamps for priority post than in the Netherlands. We have only one kind of boring stamps for European countries and one for non-European countries...But in two weeks, there will be new stamps available for post within Europe and I'm looking forward to it!

vrijdag 27 maart 2009

27 maart 2009 - PT-77661 - Lisbon (Portugal)

Today I received my fourth official. This time from Portugal . The mail delivery was very fast because the card has travelled 1,960 Kms in three days!!

The card shows a facade of an old building in Lisbon and according to the sender; it is a tradition that is being lost. I like to received cards with something that has to do with the country were the sender comes from so I can learn more about the world.

26 maart 2009 - FI-507707 - Kirkkonummi

Yesterday I received my third postcard and my first official of Finland . The cards has travelled a distance of 1,488 Kms in 5 days. The sender lives in Kurkkinummi, a town in the South of Finland.

The cards shows some typical things of Finland; the flag, the beach, the sauna and the beautiful lakes. When I was younger, I was very interested in Finland because of one of my former favourite soccer players. He came from Finland and was a member of the second team of AFC Ajax. (I don't know why but somehow the pictures are not showed in the correct way....try to rotate it a few times, but it didn't help....)

The stamp is a transparant one.

donderdag 26 maart 2009

New card received!

Today I received my third card but the light is to bad to make a picture of the stamp right now so tomorrow I will write more about the card!

After 15 days of travelling, finally my card to Germany has reached his destination. It was only 136 kms away so I'm still wondering why it took so look before the card arrived.

I requested a new address as well. For the third time to the USA but to a new state; Maine. I have still an other card travelling to the USA. At the moment, four cards are travelling:
- Finland
- Russia

dinsdag 24 maart 2009

24 maart 2009 - CN-60323 - Shanghai

It was a nice day because I received my second official as well. From another Asian country, China . The card has travelled a distance of 8,898 Kms from Shanghai in 7 days!

The card is about rubber-band jumping and I did not know they played in China as well! When I was younger, I has my own rubber-band and I played it a lot on the street with friends or just on my own in the garden and I used two chairs to put the rubberband on. Childhood memories!

24 maart 2009 - JP-61248 - Kawasaki

Today I received my first official! It is a card from Kawakasaki city in Japan and has travelled a distance of 9,342 kms in 7 days! I was very happy when I found this card in my mailbox, not only because of the fact that it is my first card via postcrossing ever but because of its origin as well.

The card is from Hiroshima, a place which well-known because of the history. In 1945, the atomic bomb Little Boy attacked the city. On the card a Memorial Monument for the victims of the A-Bomb.

On the back of the card a very nice message with some information about 'hima matsuri', a Japanese festival and some nice Japanese characters! The thing I was most surprised about were the stamps... a speedskating stamp!!!

First cards received!

Oh yeah! Finally I found some postcards in my mailbox! And not one but two! One from Japan and one from China! So I'm very happy with it! I will write more about in seperate blogs later!

Today my sent card to Taiwan is arrived as well after twelve days of travelling! Again I got a nice message back from the receiver! I'm always happy when my card is appreciated! I have a new sent distance record as well! This time 9,469 Kms! I'll send more cards later this week!

zondag 22 maart 2009

Fourth card is arrived!

Hurray! My second card to Finland arrived yesterday after four days of travelling. Pretty fast I guess. This time to a 'big' city, named Turku. The total distance between my home and the mailbox of the receiver was 1,404 kms. I got a nice thank you message back with a compliment that I have sent such an original card. Which was extremely difficult because the receiver has already received 345 cards when I used to send mine. I'm very happy that my efforts to find something orignal are appreciated!! Yeah, this thank you message really makes me smile!

I'm still wondering if my card to Germany has lost its way because it is already 10 days ago that I post it in the mailbox and in my opinion, it does not have to take for so long to reach a destination that is next to my country. But I will be patient and wait for another week in the hope that it will appear. Maybe I have made a mistake in the address but that would be stupid because I'm very precise when I write down the address. My card to Taiwan is still 9 days travelling but I'm not worried because it is a 'far away' country so I'm aware of the fact that it could take long before it will reach its destination.

I read a discussion today on the postcrossing forum about the fact that most of the cards that are send or received are to/from three countries: USA, Finland and Germany. Some people do not like it to get the same countries all the time. I understand that it is a little bit boring but I try to find a new approach for this problem. I requested today a new address and guess to which country? Finland! To be honest, I think you should always look on the bright side of life and for me, I don't look at the country anymore when I request an address and get one in USA/Finland/Germany but look at the region/state/city. Because then it is a suprise everytime to which region/state/city you have to send a card and it is nice to do some research about it! But this new approach was a little bit disappointed when I use it for the first time because the city is in the same region as Turku; Varsinais-Suomi. But it is a different city so actually I do not have anything to complain about!

zaterdag 21 maart 2009


My mailbox is still empty so it has been quiet here for the last days. I'm really looking forward to receive my first card and I know that everyday could be the day of receiving the first card. Tomrrow there is no mail delivery, so I think there wont be some news either.

My other cards are traveling somewhere in the world. I have requested a new adress as well. Again to the USA but this time to a village near Chicago. I don't mind that it is my second card to the USA because it such a big country, it doesn't matter!

By the way, I only send cards to woman till now. Isn't that funny?

Hopefully I can show you my first received card next week!

woensdag 18 maart 2009

Longest sent distance till so far

Today is my sent card, after zeven days of traveling, to the westcoast, California, of the USA arrived! It is my third card that I have sent. It is a record as well because it is my longest sent distance till so far! The totale distance between my home and the mailbox of the receiver was 8,968 Kms! Hurray!

Today I requested a new address as well. This time to a small village near Moscow in Russia! The person wishlist contains a UNESO card and fortunatley I had one card of a UNESCO Heritage site in the Netherlands in my 'to send' collection. It is a 'new' member (for 3 months right now) so that means it was easy to pick a card because when I look at profiles of more experienced members I always see some Dutch cards I have bought as well. That is the most difficult thing, to be original because it is very hard to find original views cards for instance but we keep on trying and looking for somethng original! I'm very curious when my card to Russia will arrived because I saw that it could be very long (more than zes weeks for instance).

For now, it is the last card I will send this week because I will wait till I receive my first card and/or till my others are arrived otherwise it will be too expensive. At the moment I have still four cards traveling:

And I'm still wondering, why took it so long for a card to reach a destination only 136 kms away? It is still on the road for almost six days.... I really thought our mailservices were faster anyway...

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Hurray again!

And my second card is arrived as well! Actually, it's my fourth card I have sent. After five days of traveling my card has reached his destination in England (to be honest it should be four because I didn't had the time to go to the mailbox at the day I request the address)The total distance between my home and the mailbox of the receiver was 364 kms! Funniest thing is that I had to send the card to London, a town that I really like! I have been there last summer on vacation and I really enjoyed! I hope I will be able to visit the town in the nearly future again because there is a lot I have not seen there, for instance Kew Gardens.

After I received the message that my first card to Finland was arrived and registered, I requested for a new adress. I have to send a card to Finland again, what a coincidence! (yeah I'm aware of the fact that postcrossing is very popular in Finland). It is another city than the first time.

My collection of postcards to send is still growing. Yesterday I went to my university and we have our own bookshop with.... postcards! Mostly in B/W but they are really cute!


Hurray! My first card is arrived! After zeven days of traveling my first sent card has reached his destination in Finland . The total distance between my home and the mailbox of the receiver was 1,671 kms!

This means that I can expect my first received card very soon! I'm so curious from what country it will be! (and please, if you are the sender, don't tell me you're untill the card will be arrived!)

At the moment I have still four cards traveling to:

maandag 16 maart 2009

Have a little patience

The first week of a postcrossing member is very hard. You sent out cards and than you have to wait till your sent card will be arrived untill you can expect something back. And I can tell you, that feels very very long. Longer that it is in real time. I was a lucky person because my first card is traveling to Finland and not to a country far away where the mailman delivers once a week. So I think it could be there every moment.I'm happy with some other destinations as well, because the United Kingdom and Germany is not that far that it should be taken longer than four days for instance. But to be honest, I would like to send cards to further destinations and that I don't know very well so I can share some culture. So I was happy with Taiwan and USA as well but when you are a newbie and can't wait for cards, it is nice to see some 'not that far away' countries in you sent postcards list.

Fortunately all the members to whom I sent a card, are active so I don't have to be worried that they wont register my card (well...I hope so..maybe they don't like it... ;) but I really do my best to send something nice). The only thing I'm worried about is if they can read the postcard-ID. I wrote it in the right edge but I have heard that our national postservice use that edge to put some marking stamp on it so the machines can notice it during the sorting out process.

But just like the FAQ on the Postcrossing website said:
Please be patient, experienced postcrossers will quickly advise you to do the same - it works!

To be continued....

zaterdag 14 maart 2009

Let's the postcrossing begin!

Since last week, I participatie in Postcrossing, a project with the slogan: “send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world".

I created this blog to keep you up to date about how it is going on with my project. I'm sorry for my bad English sometimes, but I'm not a native speaker. I live in the Netherlands. Before I started with the project, I bought some nice cards and some stamps and I was ready to begin!

At the moment, there are 5 cards sent by me traveling throughout the world and the only thing I can do is sit and wait till they will be registered due to the fact my current limit is sending 5 postcards at once. If some receive one of my cards and register it, I'm the next one who is eligible to receive a postcard from another members and I get the opportunity to send a new one. From which country is always a suprise ;) and that is what I like about the project!

So I have to wait till my cards to Germany, Finland, USA, Taiwan and United Kingom are arrived and registered!