woensdag 29 september 2010

6 September 2010 - DE-674584 - Gera

This interesting view was send from Germany . It has travelled a distance of 557 km in 18 days. The first time when I saw this card, I thought it was from a country in the South of Europe. Gera doesn't sound German, well it's really German place.

zondag 26 september 2010

30 August 2010 - US-798671 - Joliet

I would love to show this card from the USA , but I can't...Because it's only a with piece of paper with som nice stamps, my address on it and a little story... It has travelled a distance of 6,653 km in 11 days and actually it's my 30th card from this country! A pity I can't show them to you...

25 August 2010 - FR - 108213 - Reims

Another card from France . It has travelled a distance of 315 kms in 6 days! It shows some beautiful sunsets of the Passage du Gois. This is near the island Normoutier.

25 August 2010 - BE - 70123 - Brussel

Last month I received my first card from... Belgium ! And...it was send by the no 4 postcrosser of Belgium! It has travelled a distance of 139 kms in 6 days! It shows the Grand Place of Bruxelles, which is an UNESCO site as well! So I'm very happy with this card. I have been in Bruxelles for the last time in 2006 so it reminds me of the fact that I have to go back to see more of the city.

La Grand-Place in Brussels is a remarkably homogeneous body of public and private buildings, dating mainly from the late 17th century. The architecture provides a vivid illustration of the level of social and cultural life of the period in this important political and commercial centre.

woensdag 15 september 2010

20 August 2010 - CN-215759 - Nanjing

In August I had finally time to go on with Postcrossing. This is one of the first cards I received after my break. It was send from China and has travelled a distance of 8,679 km in 68 days. A lot, but this is totally my fault. I forgot to register this card but fortunatley the sender send me a reminder =)! It shows us an antique duehouse in Nanping Village.

20 August - US - 707631 - Frederick

This summer, I was busy with some things but I register al the card immediatly when I received them after my vacation, so I was a little bit in shock when I found this card from the USA in my mailbox and saw the travel time. It has travelled a distance of 6,213 km in 85 days!

I really like the text on the front!

zaterdag 11 september 2010

21 June 2010 - DE-609924 - Warendorf

While this postcard was send from Germany , is shows us a part of Utah in the USA.It has travelled a distance of 197 kms in 18 days. I really love this picture! It's beautiful.

13 June 2010 - FR - 96155 - Saint Junien

In June I received my 5th official card from France. It has travelled a distance of 756 kms in 18 days. It has been a while ago when I received my last card from France . It shows us 'La gare des Benedictins' and it is an hirstorical monument.

dinsdag 7 september 2010

13 June 2010 - CN-191279 - Shenzhen

It has been a while ago that I updated this blog. Because of vacation and other things, I decided to take a break of Postcrossing, but I'm back so I have finally the time to update this blog! This is a card I received 3 months ago from China . It has travelled a distance of 9,270 km in 58 days. It is my 10th official card from this country. I really like the bright colours of the card, it feels like a dreamworld.