zondag 27 april 2014

30 July 2013 - TW- 804457 - Linkow

My first postcrossing card in my new home is from.. Taiwan! It is actually a late happy newyear card. Its because it has traveled pretty long! It has traveled a distance of 9,522 kms in 176 days. I think this one has lost during my moving.... I actually lived for some months in my new home when this card arrived.

It is a celebration card in different ways. It is my 15th card from Taiwan and....... 300th card via Postcrossing!!!!

14 March 2013 - RU - 1515021 - Yekaterinburg

Well, what should I say.... After my amazing experience of recieving a card from a rare country, I was not amused by receiving this one. I can not show a picture of it because its an empty card with only text. It was send from Russia. It has traveled a distance of 3,583 in 38 days. I have seen that the user also send more colourfol cards that I did ;) so maybe I was just unlucky! At least I have some nice stamps!

6 February - PF - 626 - French Polynesia

I was so excited when I found this card in my mailbox! I could not believe it! It was send from French Polynesia . A country with only 10 postcrossers! It so small! And I was lucky that the no 1 sender, send me this card. I did receive a card in 2010 from Guernsey, it was a lower ID than this one but I have seen that Guernsey is on 75th in the ranking of most sent postcards and French Polynesia on 95th, The card has traveled a distance of 15,534 km in 48 days. 

6 February 2013 - US - 2009254 - Ann Arbor

This was such a cute card from USA . It was send by a little girl. It has a very nice text on the back. I think she just learned writing. I also love the teddybears on the front. The card has traveled a distance of 6,340 kms in 48 days. It has been a while ago when I found a USA card in my mailbox. Strange because its the top country of my received cards in the past years! 

donderdag 24 april 2014

6 February 2013 - NL - 1690114 - Tilburg

Another one from the Netherlands ! This one has traveled 78 kms in 2 days. It is send from my former hometown, Tilburg. I have studied there for some years. It shows us different rock guitars because I like the Rolling stones. Pretty cool card. It is also no 100 of the sender!

6 February 2013 - BY - 724537 - Minsk

Another one from Belarus . It shows us the city of Minsk. It has traveled a distance of 1,568 kms in 36 days. 

6 February 2013 - SE - 44533 - Stockholm

My second card ever from Sweden ! It is a rare country for me. It has traveled a distance of 1,180 kms in 48 days. The card shows us a city view from the Kaknas Tower in Stockholm. Two weeks after I have received this card, I booked a trip to Stockholm. I also visit the tower and had a great view. Stockholm is a lovely city!

9 January 2013 - NL -1610607 - Utrecht

The funny fact about this card from the Netherlands is that it shows us a typical Dutch thing: Speedskating! I'm a huge speedskating fan. It is a picture of the finish of the Eleven Cities Tour. It is a huge skating competition on natural ice. The last event was in 1997. We are still waiting for another one. Actually, during the time that this card was sent, it was pretty cold in my country. We all were hoping for another tour. The card has traveled a distance of 56 kms in 20 days. I think it took so long because of Christmas. 

woensdag 26 maart 2014

9 January 2013 - DE-1824912 - Cottbus

After some Russian cards, I received another card from a top country: Germany . The card has traveled a distance of 691 kms in 20 days. It shows us the beautiful part of nature in Eastern Germany. The Spreewald. 

9 January 2013 - RU-1425639 - Bryansk

And 2013 starts with a card from..... Russia! . This time the card was a little bit faster. It took 20 days to travel a distance of 2,027 kms. The card show us an UNESCO site; Kizhi.  

The pogost of Kizhi (i.e. the Kizhi enclosure) is located on one of the many islands in Lake Onega, in Karelia. Two 18th-century wooden churches, and an octagonal clock tower, also in wood and built in 1862, can be seen there. These unusual constructions, in which carpenters created a bold visionary architecture, perpetuate an ancient model of parish space and are in harmony with the surrounding landscape. © UNESCO Worldheritage list

4 December 2012 - RU-1299746 - Moscow

It seems that I was lucky to receive many cards from Russia late 2012.  And it is also a celebration, because it's my 20th official from this country. The card has traveled a distance of 2,205 km in 41 days. Pretty long again.

The card shows us the city centre of Moscow on a map. I have been to Moscow in 2009. It was actually the only time I have visited Russia.

zondag 2 maart 2014

24 October 2012 - RU-1233563 - St Petersburg

Another one from Russia ! A very old fashioned view card in black/white. This is the St. Isaac Cathedral om 1913. Pretty cool! The card has traveled a distance of 1827 kms in 31 days. Interesting that this one took longer to receive than the previous one while its much closer to my country.

P.s. Russia has very nice poststamps!

22 September 2012 - RU - 1178114 - Irkutsk

Most of the time I receive viewcards from Russia . But this time a very special onel; a card with Russian folk caracters. Actually I don't know from with stories those caractters are so I someone know, explain to me please :) The card has traveled a distance of 6,244 kms in 26 days

2 September 2012 - BY-529121 -Minsk

It seems that most of the cards I receive from Belarus , are from postcrossers living in the capital city Minsk. I do not often receive cards from Belarus. Althought it is on the 6th ranking by most sent postcards. I do not remember that it was a top country in 2012. So I guess  the chance to receive a postcard from this country is much higher nowdays. This card has traveled a distance of 1568 kms in 49 days. It is an art card. It shows a painting from the collection of the National Art Museum.

22 July 2012 - PL-472628 - Miroslawiec

It has been a while that I wrote a blog about postcrossing. Due to the fact that I decided to move in 2013, I was very busy with sorting out the things for my house and now, in 2014, I have found my old hobby back. I was missing the postcards in my mailbox and making other persons around the world happy with them. I have had many cards since I quit with postcrossing but I have never post them on my blog. I will try to upload them all in the upcoming weeks. 

Let's start with this card from Poland . It has traveled 833 kms in 24 days.  It shows us the city Kolobrzeg. I don't know if I will able to pronounce this city without any mistakses. The city is in the Northern part of Poland, next to the sea.