donderdag 30 april 2009

29 april 2009 - IT-42124 - Cantu

My 10th country is arrived! Yesterday I received a card from Italy! The cards has travelled a distance of 766 kms in 15 days (I discoverd that six of my received cards where requested on 14 april...funny, because on that date there were only two sent cards arrived....). Unfortunatley, there was no Postcard ID on the card. A pity because I like the card very much and the sender and I have some common things like photography and working in a supermarket. Fortunatley the sender has written the place where he comes from on the back so it was easy to find the right sender on Postcrossing! Within an hour I got the ID and could register the card!

The cards show us the 'Lago di Como' and is the deepest lake of Italy. On the back a nice stamp of Darwin and the evolution.

zondag 26 april 2009

First expired? Hope not!

I'm a little bit worried about my sent card to the USA. It is travelling for 36 days now and the user is still active...I really hope that I wont be my first expired card! For the rest I got a new record. My card to Germany was arrived in three days! My card to Switzerland is arrived as well so I requested two new adresses, again to Germany and to a new country, Spain ! I'm curious when I can expect some new cards in my mailbox! I hope it will be a new country because that will be number ten!

22 April 2009 - CZ - 25222 - Prague

My first official from Czech Republic . I have a lot of travelplans and one of them is to visit Prague once in my life and my first official from the Czech Republic comes from Prague and shows us a few historical monuments of the city! The card has traveled a distance of 689 kms in eight days. It is not my first Czech Republic card because I received one a few days ago from France of a Czech UNESCO site.

And it is always nice when people take time to read your profile and send some nice stamps of your preferences. Yeah I know this is ice hockey but it has something to do with ice speedskating and I like these kind of gestures :)

dinsdag 21 april 2009


I was on vacation so I could not write an update about my postcrossing project. During my vacation, three of the five travelling cards has reached their destination! It took 28 days before my card to Russia arrived in a small village near Moscow. My cards to Germany and Finland need only 5 and 8 days before they arrived. I have still two cards traveling which I send before I went on vacation; to the USA (31 days) and China (16 days). I'm curious if they will be arrive or if they will be expire.

I already requested some new adresses, to Finland Germany and Switzerland !

18 April 2009 - FR 50206 - Thionville

For the second time I received a French ! The card has traveled a distance of 313 kms in four days and was sent from Thionville. The card shows something we all know, Pyramide du Louvre à Paris! A nightview. I really love this card becautse it is really beautiful. In the background you can see the Eifeltower and the Arc du Triomphe as well! I like nightviews like this! I have been to Paris three times and I like this city!

18 April 2009 - FR 50203 - Urvillers

Om 18 april 2009 I found an other new country in my mailbox. This time France ! The first card was sent from Urvillers, a place I do not know yet. To be honest, I found it a pity that there was no information on the card about what it has to purpose. After some research I found out that the card comes from the Czech Republic, the town Kutna Hora (UNESECO side :D) and shows us the Italian Court (Vlašský dvůr). I like to receive card like those but at least with some information on it :)

18 April 2009 - FI 526433 - Rauma

Last saturday I received my fifth official from Finland . It has travelled a distance of 1,416 Kms in four days.

The cards shows us the oild town of Rauma, a place on the west coast of Finland. Rauma is a world heritage side and one of the oldest harbours in Finland. I love this card because it is simpel but shows enough of the city! And I like the lay-out because that is not so standard as other viewcards.

maandag 20 april 2009

18 april 2009 - LV - 5831 - Riga

I received a few cards while I was on vacation. The first I found in my mailbox was a nice and original card from Latvia . The card has travelled a distance of 1339 Kms in 4 days and shows us some nice flowers!

There was a beautiful stamp as well.

donderdag 9 april 2009

9 April - HR - 5153 - Makarska

Today I was very surprised when I found a postcard from Croatia in my mailbox! A view of the place Makarska. A city near the coast. The card has travelled a distance of 1322 Kms in 16 days. An original card from a original country!

And there was a lovely stamp on it as well!

The next days I will be on vacation so there wont be any update on this blog for a week.

dinsdag 7 april 2009


Since my last update, some of my sent cards has reached their destination! My cards to Finland (twice) Belgium and Germany are arrived so I requested some new addresses. This time to China, Germany and Finland. I'm a little bit afraid about my postcard to China because I hear only bad things about expired cards to China. My shortest send distance is now 123 kms!

There are two cards still traveling to Russia (20 days) and the USA (17 days). I'm really curious when they will be arrived.

zaterdag 4 april 2009

4 April - DE -316301- Bonn

Today I received my second official from Germany . I think I'm 'condemned' to receive at least two cards in a few days from the same country because it happens for the fourth time in a row!But again, I received a different card than the one before! This time it is a card send by someone who lives in Bonn, only 205 kms away. The card has travelled for three days. I have never been to Bonn but I know the place because I went to a themepark called Phantasialand when I was younger and I remember the sign 'Bonn' near the road, which we had to follow. But the park itself is located in Bruhl so I have never seen Bonn in real, only know it by name.

The card is not of Bonn itself but from Greifswald, a place near the Baltic Sea and the Polish Border. It was a part of the 'Hanze' cities, a trade organization. It is nice to receive a card of Greifswald, because it is very original. I didn't know the place at all and it is nice to read something about it and learn more about the world!
The card shows us the St. Nikolai Dom.

One of the stamps is of the 1200 jubilee of Ingolstadt, a city in Bayern, the South of Germany.

3 April - DE - 315464 - Nürnberg

Yesterday I received my first official from Germany! A very nice nightview from Nürnberg! I was really happy with this card because it shows a lot of different sides of Nürnberg: Hauptmarkt, Altstadt, Sebalduskirche, Weinstadel and the Albrecht-Dürer-Platz. Those nightsviews are amazing!! The card has travelled a distance of 512 Kms in 3 days.

And a stamp with our typical Dutch Tulip and a funny one with some cats. It is much cheaper to send a postcard from Germany to the Netherlands than from The Netherlands to Germany. We have to pay 75 eurocent while Germans pay 65 but I have heard that you need to pay more to send a card in an envelop in Germany.

vrijdag 3 april 2009

3 April - FI - 515564 - Helsinki

Today I received a card from a teddybear, yeah really. A teddy bear who lives in Finland . To be honest, it is not my favourite card I received because it is a ad-card. Maybe I'm wrong but my Finnish is good enough to see this. It is not that I do not like ad-cards but I do not like ad-cards with large advertising messages in a language I can't read and the advise to register on a website. But the teddy is very cute :) The card has traveled a distance of 1,515 Kms in 3 days.

And I love the stamp!! :) Typical Finnish!

3 April - CN- 62247 - Nanjing

To be honest, I received this card yesterday but I did not have the time to register it. It is my third official from China and I found it in my mailbox after I complained a little bit about the fact that I always receive cards from the same countries but I was surprised because the card is totally different than the ones I received before! It shows us eight female soldiers who sacrified themselves for the civilization of China. The card has travelled a distance of 8,679 Kms in 10 days.

I like the message on the back which explained what this card has to purpose and some written Chinese characters! I think it is very difficult to write them but they are very beautiful.

Of course an original stamp!

1 april 2009 - CN - 60375 - Hangzou

On Wednesday I received my second official from China . The card has travelled a distance of 8,918 Kms from Hangzou in 14 days! This is the longest traveled days for my received cards till now.

The cards shows us the Rocky Cave Temple at Gongyi. This is typical for ancient China.

And I was happy with the stamp as well because it is again an original one!

donderdag 2 april 2009


I was a little bit disappointed this week because I always see profiles of beginners with a lot of variation in the sent/received countries but when I look at mine, it is a little bit is not that I do not like the cards that I receive, I really like the different cards I found in my mailbox and the really nice messages that are written on them! :) So, thank you all for your nice postcards! But I only got cards from the same countries!

Yesterday I received again a card from China, a very nice one which I will show you later with some nice and original stamps on it! It is my second official of China. I received 3 officials from Finland, 2 officials from Portugal and 1 from Japan. I really looking forward to a 'new' country although I will be happy with all the cards I receive.

My sent list is less boring. Ok, 2 times USA and 3 times Finland but UK and Taiwan as well! And of course Belgium, which was special because I could write in my own language :) When I look at my traveling list, there is a nice country as well: Russia!

But today I requested a new address and this time again to Finland...Ok, but when I'm using my new approach I explained a week ago, it is different because this time it is a place near Oulu, and I did not have got a place in that region yet.

I know that there will be one day that my lists are more variated! And maybe that day will come soon! And I wont quit with the project but I was a little bit disappointed this week about the no variation at all.