donderdag 2 april 2009


I was a little bit disappointed this week because I always see profiles of beginners with a lot of variation in the sent/received countries but when I look at mine, it is a little bit is not that I do not like the cards that I receive, I really like the different cards I found in my mailbox and the really nice messages that are written on them! :) So, thank you all for your nice postcards! But I only got cards from the same countries!

Yesterday I received again a card from China, a very nice one which I will show you later with some nice and original stamps on it! It is my second official of China. I received 3 officials from Finland, 2 officials from Portugal and 1 from Japan. I really looking forward to a 'new' country although I will be happy with all the cards I receive.

My sent list is less boring. Ok, 2 times USA and 3 times Finland but UK and Taiwan as well! And of course Belgium, which was special because I could write in my own language :) When I look at my traveling list, there is a nice country as well: Russia!

But today I requested a new address and this time again to Finland...Ok, but when I'm using my new approach I explained a week ago, it is different because this time it is a place near Oulu, and I did not have got a place in that region yet.

I know that there will be one day that my lists are more variated! And maybe that day will come soon! And I wont quit with the project but I was a little bit disappointed this week about the no variation at all.

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  1. you will get different countries i am sure of that ;) but Finland and the USA will always be high on the list... in the last few month I also found out that Taiwan is pretty popular! so just keep on sending and the variation will get bigger!