donderdag 30 april 2009

29 april 2009 - IT-42124 - Cantu

My 10th country is arrived! Yesterday I received a card from Italy! The cards has travelled a distance of 766 kms in 15 days (I discoverd that six of my received cards where requested on 14 april...funny, because on that date there were only two sent cards arrived....). Unfortunatley, there was no Postcard ID on the card. A pity because I like the card very much and the sender and I have some common things like photography and working in a supermarket. Fortunatley the sender has written the place where he comes from on the back so it was easy to find the right sender on Postcrossing! Within an hour I got the ID and could register the card!

The cards show us the 'Lago di Como' and is the deepest lake of Italy. On the back a nice stamp of Darwin and the evolution.

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