zaterdag 4 april 2009

4 April - DE -316301- Bonn

Today I received my second official from Germany . I think I'm 'condemned' to receive at least two cards in a few days from the same country because it happens for the fourth time in a row!But again, I received a different card than the one before! This time it is a card send by someone who lives in Bonn, only 205 kms away. The card has travelled for three days. I have never been to Bonn but I know the place because I went to a themepark called Phantasialand when I was younger and I remember the sign 'Bonn' near the road, which we had to follow. But the park itself is located in Bruhl so I have never seen Bonn in real, only know it by name.

The card is not of Bonn itself but from Greifswald, a place near the Baltic Sea and the Polish Border. It was a part of the 'Hanze' cities, a trade organization. It is nice to receive a card of Greifswald, because it is very original. I didn't know the place at all and it is nice to read something about it and learn more about the world!
The card shows us the St. Nikolai Dom.

One of the stamps is of the 1200 jubilee of Ingolstadt, a city in Bayern, the South of Germany.

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  1. I like this card :) I haven't heard of Greifswald before, but it seems to be a very old and beautiful city.

    In Poland we pay 3 złoty for priority mail to Europe (no matter, in envelope or without it). Now it's 0,67 euro, but last summer, when our currency (Polish złoty) was stronger, it was equal 1 euro :(