zaterdag 21 november 2009

10 October 2009 - IN - 9087

I was very exicted when I found a card from India . A new country for me with only 546 postcrossers! It has travelled a distance of 6,845 Kms in 16 days!

The card shows us some stone sculptures, which is called 'Frieze of dances from bhoga-mandapa'.

10 October 2009 - US-517540 - Iowa

On the 10th of October I received my 5th statecards from the USA . Unfortunatley, the postoffice put a stupid sticker on the front but the sender has scanned the original card so I know what is behind that sticker. The card shows us the state flower, flag, bird and symbol of Iowa. The card has travelled a distance of 6,877 Kms in 10 days.


I'm sorry I didn't updated this blog for a very very long time, but I was quite busy and on vacation so there wasn't much time left. Now I'm trying to get this blog updated as soon as possible.
I received a lot of great cards the last few weeks! Although not so many as usual because I had a little break due to my vacation but I'm back in business! I almos received 100 postcards via the officials!! You will see number 100 soon! Jeej :)

Well... I have some work to do so you will see some postcards later this evening!