dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Hurray again!

And my second card is arrived as well! Actually, it's my fourth card I have sent. After five days of traveling my card has reached his destination in England (to be honest it should be four because I didn't had the time to go to the mailbox at the day I request the address)The total distance between my home and the mailbox of the receiver was 364 kms! Funniest thing is that I had to send the card to London, a town that I really like! I have been there last summer on vacation and I really enjoyed! I hope I will be able to visit the town in the nearly future again because there is a lot I have not seen there, for instance Kew Gardens.

After I received the message that my first card to Finland was arrived and registered, I requested for a new adress. I have to send a card to Finland again, what a coincidence! (yeah I'm aware of the fact that postcrossing is very popular in Finland). It is another city than the first time.

My collection of postcards to send is still growing. Yesterday I went to my university and we have our own bookshop with.... postcards! Mostly in B/W but they are really cute!

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  1. Congratulations! :) I think you'll receive your first cards very soon :)

    When it comes to Finland, it's not a coincidence. In 95% cases, when your card is registered in Finland, USA or Germany, you get addresses from the same countries again, because there are really many Finnish, German and American users. I know it's a bit hard in the beginning, when you can send only 5 cards at time and 3 countries are very predictable, but now I don't mind it, because I can send 12 cards at time.