zondag 22 maart 2009

Fourth card is arrived!

Hurray! My second card to Finland arrived yesterday after four days of travelling. Pretty fast I guess. This time to a 'big' city, named Turku. The total distance between my home and the mailbox of the receiver was 1,404 kms. I got a nice thank you message back with a compliment that I have sent such an original card. Which was extremely difficult because the receiver has already received 345 cards when I used to send mine. I'm very happy that my efforts to find something orignal are appreciated!! Yeah, this thank you message really makes me smile!

I'm still wondering if my card to Germany has lost its way because it is already 10 days ago that I post it in the mailbox and in my opinion, it does not have to take for so long to reach a destination that is next to my country. But I will be patient and wait for another week in the hope that it will appear. Maybe I have made a mistake in the address but that would be stupid because I'm very precise when I write down the address. My card to Taiwan is still 9 days travelling but I'm not worried because it is a 'far away' country so I'm aware of the fact that it could take long before it will reach its destination.

I read a discussion today on the postcrossing forum about the fact that most of the cards that are send or received are to/from three countries: USA, Finland and Germany. Some people do not like it to get the same countries all the time. I understand that it is a little bit boring but I try to find a new approach for this problem. I requested today a new address and guess to which country? Finland! To be honest, I think you should always look on the bright side of life and for me, I don't look at the country anymore when I request an address and get one in USA/Finland/Germany but look at the region/state/city. Because then it is a suprise everytime to which region/state/city you have to send a card and it is nice to do some research about it! But this new approach was a little bit disappointed when I use it for the first time because the city is in the same region as Turku; Varsinais-Suomi. But it is a different city so actually I do not have anything to complain about!

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  1. Have you checked if the user from Germany is active? Some people lose interest in postcrossing and don't care to register their cards anymore, but I hope it won't happen in your case. Actually, I have only 4 expired cards (they expire after 60 days and you can send another one then) out of 240, so it's quite rare.
    I think your card to Taiwan can arrive soon :) From Poland they usually arrive in about 10 days, but I remember that one was registered after just 6 days :)

    When it comes to the regions of Finland, USA and Germany, I always pay attention to the US states that I'm sending cards to :) In Finland you'll usually get addresses from the southern and western part of country, just because there are more people than for example in Lapland. I've also noticed that I send/receive more cards to/from western part of Germany, than from Eastern.