donderdag 7 mei 2009

Maps - Update 7 May 2009

The last week, two of my sent cards arrived their destination! One to an 'new' country: Spain! . And I decided to send a new card to the USA and after 44 days, it is registered! I have updated my send cards map. You can find it here.

I have still three official cards travelling, to Finland, Germany and China.

I decided this week to join and try some Round Robins as well because I'm looking for some countries I do not have in my collection yet and especially world heritage sites. Besides that, I'm a little bit tired to send officials to Finland/Germany all the time. I know I said earlier that I have a new approach, not to look at the country but at the places where I have to send but at the moment, this approach wont work ;) So I will wait to send more officials, and will use my amount of six cards travelling at one time when my send/received balance is even. Today I send three cards for the Europe Round Robin. I'm participating in a special group called UNESCO. I have created a list with my UNESCO cards here. When my RR are received, I will add them to my received map with a different colour!

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  1. UNESCO card from Poland is already on the way to your mailbox ;)