zondag 3 mei 2009

Maps - Update 3 May 2009

I have made some maps with the google maps application of my sent and received cards.

Sent Cards

Click here to see my map of my sent cards. It is funny to see that I have send two times to the same place.

Received cards

Click here to see my map of my received cards. Most of my cards comes from Europe and Germany and Finland are te leaders. I haven't received a card from the same city yet and I neither have received a card from a place to which I send one.

I will try to keep my maps up to date!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great job you've done with the maps :) I only use the one which I have on my postcrossing account (it's also based on google maps), but maybe I'll create my own one, so that I can also mark the unofficial cards.
    But the 2nd link (for received cards) doesn't work :(

  2. I have changed the second link so I hope it will work by now :)