vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Netherlands RR - Group 49 - UK

I received a beautiful card from the United Kingdom , send by Emerald via the Netherlands RR. In the time I received this card of Bath, one of my best friends was traveling throughout the UK and has send a card from Bath as well. Unfortunatley I didn't receive her card while everyone she send one did... so I was happy when I found a card from the beautiful place send by someone else. At the moment, I have receive the cards of my friends last week but with a big sticker on it from Royal Airmail that the postage was unsufficient... Bath is an UNESCO site as well and it is my first card from the UK via Postcrossing!

Founded by the Romans as a thermal spa, Bath became an important centre of the wool industry in the Middle Ages. In the 18th century, under George III, it developed into an elegant town with neoclassical Palladian buildings, which blend harmoniously with the Roman baths.

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