zondag 27 september 2009

Slavic Countries RR - Group 1 - Germany

I participated a lot in the Slavic Countries Round Robin but unfortunatley since the beginning of the summer, there wasn't much activity in this Round Robin anymore. But someone re-opened the RR and I was very happy because I receive very nice postcards via this RR.

In the first group I received this nice card from Lichtspiel from Germany . It shows the Cathedral in Cologne. I have been to Cologne a month ago and this cathedral is very impressive! It is very huge.

Begun in 1248, the construction of this Gothic masterpiece took place in several stages and was not completed until 1880. Over seven centuries, successive builders were inspired by the same faith and a spirit of absolute fidelity to the original plans. Apart from its exceptional intrinsic value and the artistic masterpieces it contains, Cologne Cathedral testifies to the enduring strength of European Christianity.

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